R2 Cybersecurity

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A straight-forward, 4 Step Approach to help you get the security
and compliance your business requires with the results you need.

We won’t waste your time by complicating security.

We’ll help you minimize the business disruption that compliance and security projects can have when not managed effectively because experience has shown us that when you reduce it to its fundamentals, security is pretty straightforward.

We won’t waste your money on unnecessary spending.

We help you drive out and prioritize what must be done now, what needs to be done soon and what can afford to wait. That means you can be confident you are addressing your needs at an investment level that’s appropriate and right-sized.

We’ll shoot straight with you so you can focus on your business instead of compliance and security.

Our approach is practical, to-the-point and easy to understand. We won’t try to look like big shots by using buzzwords and jargon. Plus we won’t try to low-ball the price then get in and upsell you. We haven’t seen either of those approaches to defend a network before.

Step 1

Understand your business

How do you operate?
What are your business goals?
What are your compliance needs?
What are your security needs?
What’s required, what’s optional?
What is your budget?
What is your time frame?

Step 2

Find the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructures

Where are your vulnerabilities located?
Where are the risks in your internet connections?
Where are your hardware security risks?
Where are your mobile device security risks?
What are your current IT policies and procedures?

Step 3

Develop your security and compliance plan

How can you minimize the disruption your business?
How can achieve the most of your budget?
Which IT investments offer the most security impact?
What is the best way to roll-out and train?
How can you plan for the future now?

Step 4

Show you how to make security work

How to improve your IT policies and procedures.
What are your breach response procedures?
How does your team detect a breach more readily?
What is the best approach based on your budget?
What is the best support and maintenance model?


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