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Success Profiles

Cyber Security for DoD

Effective Breach Response

DoD facility experiences a state-sponsored cyber attack

Extremely complex network with tens of thousands of nodes was exceptionally difficult to monitor and manage.

Breach still occurred despite significant investments in security measures, breach prevention, and a large IT team.

Millions or billions of dollars in lost revenue due to stolen IP and business intelligence

Negative impact on contract renewals and industry reputation

Put current contract at serious risk of loss

Exposed all areas of vulnerability rapidly, prioritized the steps to address security based on budget, political realities, and staff moral

Implemented a prioritized plan to plug security gaps on the network

Addressed all areas of vulnerability and implemented controls and software to secure the network in a fraction of the time the customer had estimated

Cyber Security for Healthcare

Getting to Compliance - Fast

Client awarded a multi-million dollar contract with detailed security requirements for HIPPA and FISMA compliance

Client’s attempt to comply using internal resources were unsuccessful

Potential to lose the multi-million contract was at a risk of serious loss if they didn’t implement what was required within a short window of time

Loss of a contract due to non-compliance with security and personal data would significantly decrease the client’s ability to secure future contracts costing multiples of what their current contract was worth.

Developed a budget-sized tactical plan to get the client to compliance as quickly as their budget would permit.

Managed the client’s networks and security on an on-going basis by delivering continuous monitoring.

Generated Security Policies and Procedures documentation for on-going compliance

Cyber Security Law Firms

Security to support client retention

Well-known New Orleans has a client with expressed concerns about security and protection of data. Firm tries to address their needs with internal IT but is unsuccessful. Client security requirements go unfulfilled for a year. Client discovers discrepancy and continuation of any business relationship is at serious risk of loss.

Firm loses large, profitable client

Firm gets the reputation for inability to protect a client’s sensitive and confidential data due to network security issues

Firm stands to lose millions in future business unless problem is solved quickly and effectively

Contacted client as firm’s retained cyber security consultant. Presented action plan with timeline to client to restore confidence in the firm.

Met or exceeded the network security requirements outlined by the client in just 3 weeks.

Developed System Security Plan and System Security Policies and Procedures for firm so internal IT could carry effort forward at the end of the R2 consulting engagement.

Cyber Security for Retail

Avoiding Business Disruption Because of Inadequate Security

Medium-sized retail company experienced a damaging breach and their banking and merchant services provider suspended their services due to significant concerns over security

Significant negative impact on cash flow- retailer couldn’t process or accept electronic transactions and wire transfers

Lost an unacceptable percentage of repeat clients due to payment issues

Survival of the business was in question if retailer couldn’t respond rapidly and prove security vulnerabilities were addressed

Performed a detailed Risk Assessment to prioritize and highlight areas that needed attention first.

Provided Security and Compliance Consulting to create an enterprise architecture that was vastly more secure than their previous one.

Presented findings and corrective plan of action to banking and merchant services provider so transaction processing and merchant services could be restored.

Cyber Security for Government Organizations

Security to support client retention

Major government contract experiences wide-spread and damaging breach that includes sophisticated social engineering and malicious software (malware) attacks. Large number of employees at multiple locations meant that people and process security was just as important as IT security

Another major breach was likely if corrective action wasn’t implemented rapidly

Put hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts at risk

Irreparable damage to contractor’s reputation was imminent

Minimized the areas of vulnerability by instituting a centralized application “White Listing” policy so that employees could not install applications without IT approval

Implemented Security Policies and Procedures that helped to successful repel literally thousands of breach attempts each month

Saved more than $300,000 in the first year on computer rebuilds due to Malware and virus


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